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Boschveldweg 469
5211 VK 's-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands

T: 0031 (0) 73 6230 950
E-mail ATTAK: attak(at)attakweb.com
E-mail ATTAK Type: fonts(at)attakweb.com
Skype : Casper | Peter

Facebook: ATTAK.Powergestaltung
Instagram: @ATTAK
Tumblr: attak-powergestaltung
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Behance: ATTAK
Twitter: @powergestaltung

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ATTAK • Powergestaltung / Attak in short

Hailing from lovely 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, ATTAK is an independent and dynamic design duo formed in 2004.

The idea driven output is based on subculture ethics and created for small as well as big companies all over the world. A visually arresting crossover between graphic design, type design, illustration and art.

ATTAK itself likes to capture the wide range of work by the word “Powergestaltung”. Always aiming to add thunder and cut some edge.

Casper Herselman ('81) & Peter Korsman ('82)

ATTAK is Peter Korsman & Casper Herselman
Photo by Thomas von Wittich
ATTAK / what we do

ATTAK is a versatile creative lab. We operate in a wide range of disciplines [graphic design, illustration, type design, new media design, motion design and art]. This output is known by the term Powergestaltung.

Our work is idea driven and based on subculture ethics. It has strong roots in traditional print and crafts like screenprinting, but nevertheless embraces new technology. We like to explore the boundaries and possibilities of techniques, ideas and rules. This results in an outcome that's one of a kind and therefor stands out.

Expect a visually arresting, direct, bright, innovative and well crafted style.

ATTAK / how we work

We value clients who value our artistic ideals and therefore demand a design that requires the utmost of our artistic abilities.

Each project gets it own unique approach. In a personal dialogue the clients needs are distilled, explored and shaped into a unique visual output which makes our clients qualities stand out.

We will search for the best idea and approach. An idea that reflects the clients demands and will twist the spectators head is what we look and sign for.

ATTAK / philosophy

We believe in the power of an idea. The idea sets the path for the creating. The idea determines the way of working, the tools and style to transfer the intended feeling or message.

With use of icons of the global consciousness, be it altered, combined, twisted or questioned, and radio waves of associative thinking, we communicate a contemporary thought.

We feel that true creative output transcends the primary goal of communicating information. Combined with skill and dedication it touches a chord and stays in the eye and mind of the spectator. It rings on and becomes part of a larger thought and being in the world. By always trying to understand the client's drive and goals we discover the space to work and the tools for the visual translation of it's core and ambitions.

We tend to look the public in the eye and speak at them in a strong and colourful voice. We love to state with an unavoidable image that on second look turns out to be layered and more subtle.

Working with, instead of for people we feel we are part of a community. A community of people that want to contribute to the world in a happy and constructive way.

ATTAK / share

We believe in sharing. Throughout the years we did various workshops and lectures and have been involved in different ways of teaching at AKV|St.Joost.

Via this ways we share our ideas and discuss contemporary creativity. Spread knowledge.

please read before you apply

Yes, you can apply to do an internship at our HQ. We accept interns once a year. Internships last between 3 - 6 months. For 2016 there are no more internships available. You can apply for 2017. You'll work as a full member of Attak.

Send your portfolio to attak@attakweb.com. Send in your best work and make sure your application stands out. It also needs to fit with what we do. PDF's are welcome, analog post and applications are more than welcome.

ATTAK / clients

A short list of clients we work for or have worked for:
Avans Hogeschool, Barsupport, Boomerang, CBK 's-Hertogenbosch, Erasmus MC, Erupt Clothing, Gemeente 's-Hertogenbosch, Globe, HOVO Seniorenacademie, Hurley, Insight51, Lazerwood Industries, Levi's® Benelux, Men_at_Work, P79, Penguin Books, Public Gallery, Qloom GmbH, Uniqlo Japan, Vroom&Dreesmann, W2 Poppodium, Warchild UK, Willem II Fabriek, Wood&Apples, Zanerobe, Zero Skateboards

ATTAK / Copyright

All content shown at attakweb.com ©copyright ATTAK 2004-2015. Unless otherwise noted.

ATTAK / Legal

Boschveldweg 469
5211 VK 's-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands

KvK / Chamber of commerce:
BTW nummer / tax exempt number:

We know, Less talk, more rock.



ATTAK, Powergestaltung
Published by ATTAK
ISBN 978-90-822691-0-9


Featuring in
How to Use Type
by Lindsey Marshall and Lester Meachem
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"Krachtontwerp", showcase in:
Publish Magazine #4, 2012.


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Featuring with 6 other fellow designers and artists from 's-Hertogenbosch in
"GreyTones #10, My City"

"High-Impact Design", showcase in:
Computer Arts Projects #134
The fonts AT Muntel & AT Litewriter included on CD for free!!!
published by Future Publishing, Bath, England


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Logo Design Vol. 2, have a look here
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Featuring with work and info in
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Participation with work (Holland '88 Team)
Football Heroes
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Interview and work
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Participation with work
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Into the mixed media culture

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Small profile of Attak and use of Typefaces
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Participation with work
(A book) designed to help
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Participation with work
Type - One,
Discipline and progress in typography

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No Apologies (solo)
March 13th - April 18th
Alley Gallery, Hasselt, Belgium


ATTAK Work + Book (solo)
October 31 - December 14
Kelderman en Van Noort, Eindhoven

Take Over
August 2014
Arti Capelli, 's-Hertogenbosch

Riot Place, Riot Time (solo)
Februari 15th - March 2nd
Ababa, Rotterdam, NL


Druck Berlin / Group show
The world’s largest ever art festival for silk screen printing at Stattbad, Berlin, Germany
December 6th - 22nd

A One Night Stand With Attak
September 14th - Oktober 20th
Grafisch Atelier, 's-Hertogenbosch

Good guys don't wear white
June 22nd - Juli 07th.
Together with FBS.
Opperclaes, Rotterdam

April 24th - May 30th.
Seed Factory - Huis van het Beeld / La Maison de l'Image, Vrijwilligerslaan 19, 1160 Brussel


Mastering the Art of Art
October 7th - November 4th.
Jan van Hoof galerie, Vughterweg 58-60, 's-Hertogenbosch.


May 12th - August 31st
Seed Factory - Huis van het Beeld / La Maison de l'Image, Vrijwilligerslaan 19, 1160 Brussel


Grafische Grafiek / Klassieke uitdrukkingswijzen in eigentijdse uitingen
20 november t/m 19 december 2010
Grafisch Atelier Den Bosch

Brasilia Dice 50
May 27th - June 27th
Tramando Espacio Vidriera
Buenos Aires (Argentina)

GreyTones #10
During Graphic Design Festival Breda (Stadsgalerij)
May 8th - May 30th 2010

Group exhibition bArt
January - June
De Guldenberg, Helvoirt


A+ Vol.2 (Post Punk Progression)
November 20th - December 20th.
With Charlott Markus, Manon van Trier & Yasser Ballemans
KOP, Breda (The Netherlands)

September 12th - October 3th
Kurtface, Schilderstraat 17A, 's-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands)

September 5th - 20th.
With Charlott Markus
CBK, 's-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands)


5 jaar bART
October 25th - November 16th
DMT Loods, 's-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands)

Insight garage artists
September 11th - 14th
Garage Gallery, Bondi Beach (Sydney, Australia)

GDFB mupi-project
May 19th -June 15th in the streets of Breda
June 20th - June 29th at KOP, Breda (The Netherlands)


Achtung Gestaltung
(Part of the "Associated Designers Network" exhibition)
November 30th - January 20th 2008
KOP, Breda (The Netherlands)


Achtung Gestaltung
December 6th - January 7th 2007
Museum Het Kruithuis,
's-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands)

Football Heroes exhibition
1 - 9 April 2006
Fumetto Comic Festival,
Lucerne (Switzerland)


On the Way of Mixed Media
June 23th to August 21st, 2005
Chiostri di San Domenico
Reggio Emilia (Italy)

Artists on military spots
(Together with Resolve)
5 - 14 augustus 2005
Galerie Hüsstege
's-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands)


Joy is the engine of growth
November 2004
Eindhoven (The Netherlands)