Life after Death

Photographer L.J.A.D. Creyghton invited us for the 'Mastering the Art of Art' exhibition at Jan van Hoof gallery. Life after Death interacts with his series Slagvelden (Battlefields). Which show the now quiet and peaceful landscapes where once war horrors occured.

We based Life after Death on the pictures taken at the spots where the Malmedy and Chenogne massacres took place. In december 1944 German soldiers killed 90 American prisoners of war in Malmedy. In retaliation for this war crime Americans killed 60 German prisoners of war in Chenogne on the 1st of january 1945.

The print shows 150 flowers, 90 green, 60 blueish, one for each killed soldier. Covered in blood. The black layer covers the history and now shows a colourful field of flowers. Yet with its stories still there.

Exhibition runs from the 7th of october till the 4th of november 2012. Jan van Hoof gallery